Top Hawaii Honeymoon Registry Items To Ask For

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If you’re planning a Hawaii honeymoon registry, we’re super-excited for you because they can be such fun, both for you and for your guests who want to get you something a little less traditional as a wedding gift.

If you haven’t heard of honeymoon registries, basically it’s a wish list, like a normal wedding registry, but instead of registering for physical items, you register for honeymoon experiences. (To learn more about how the process works, read our other post all about Hawaii honeymoon registries.)


Want to ask for some awesome honeymoon gifts but need some inspiration? Check out these fun ideas:

Poolside cocktails If you’re staying in a resort, this is a perfect gift to request. Not only will the two of you be able to indulge in some amazing Hawaiian cocktails poolside, but it’s ideal as a lower-price-point gift for your guests.

The adventure of a lifetime – What kind of excursions would you just LOVE to do in Hawaii? Don’t be afraid if the price seems high. Often, wedding guests are actually looking for a big-ticket item that they can go in on with other people to get you something amazing. So whether it’s that pricey-but-once-in-a-lifetime Maui helicopter tour or a deep-sea fishing trip on a private yacht, put it on your Hawaii honeymoon registry!

Romantic dates – You’ll be on your honeymoon, so hopefully it will feel like one long date, but don’t forget to add in some special and very romantic Hawaii honeymoon registry options. We’re thinking candle-lit dinners out, a couple’s massage, or starlit nights in a secluded rainforest cottage. Your guests will love the idea of purchasing a romantic memory that will last a lifetime.

Fun upgrades – Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an ocean view room instead of a garden view room? Or a slick convertible rental car instead of the boring ol’ compact? Or breakfast in bed every morning? Or executive-class seats instead of coach? These upgrades can make your honeymoon feel extra special, so see what optional upgrades are available on your hotel, car rental, and flights, and be sure to include your faves on your registry.

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